Fernando Rivero
Product and furniture designer

It was believed in Mayan times -and in many other cultures around the world- that the belongings you were buried with, travelled with you to eternity. What is definitely a fact is that these objects transcend time and civilizations and tell us a story not only of the person buried, but of the culture at a specific time and place. It is this permanence, this timelessness that caught my eye and made me think of what a burial mask would look like today, and moreover what information it would transmit of us in the future. The mask is concealment but also rebirth. It is transformation of the individual but also the other self that comes to life. The same is part of a ritual act as of the creative theater. It serves him both in war and in recreation. It accompanies man in life and in death. The mask covers the true face of man and projects him into another dimension where he is and is not, where he changes and ceases to be

Project by Fernando Rivero Sosa / ECAL-Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne
In collaboration with Ini Archibong






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